Form 200 Social Security-unfinish

BL 200 Claim form for determining degree of disability as a result of work injury.

Once injury or occupational disease is recognized by National Insurance Institute as a work casuality, form 200 is supposed to be submitted. Form should be filled up accurately and all medical documents must be attached. Once form 200 is submitted, victim will be invited by National Insurance Institute to medical committee to determine percentage of disability.

Claim form BL 200 must be filled with:
1. all personal details
2. details relevant to work injury
3. details of medical treatment
4. limitations caused by work disability
5. medical documents and confirmations
6. medical photographs

The claim for disability must be submitted:
A. 12 months from the date of disability occured
B. or within 12 months of recognition of work injury by National Insurance Institute.

It is important to note that delay of more tha 12 months may reduce the amount of grant