Form 202 Social Security

Form to Claim Recognition of an Occupation Disease or Medical Impairment

Form to Claim Recognition of an Occupation Disease or Medical Impairment

Social Security Form 202 is intended for salaried employees and self-employeed workers, who falls ill during work conditions. A disease caused by the working conditions is called an occupational disease. In a case when several illnesses caused as a result of working conditions, a seperate form must be filled and submitted for each of the illness. It is important to remember that occupational disease is not a work accident with a specific date, time and place, but its an injury at work caused with same workplace, and/or same type of work, and/or under same working conditions.

Form 202 Social Security contains many sections, it is important to fill all sections of form accurately. This form must be accompanied by medical documents to prove disease or impairment caused by work conditions.

Form for recognition of an occupational disease, Form 202 Social Security (BL 202) – download here

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