Form 250 Social Security

Work Injuries Claim form 250 (BL 250)

The form 250 is mandatory and important as it defines the victim’s claim for compensation. An employee injured in a work accident, needs to fill out form 250 for social security, to provide initial medical treatment. Work Injuries claim form 250 can be filled online or at National Insurance Institute’s branch. This form will be filled by the employer or someone on behalf of the employer. But form 250 have two places to fill up details about injury. One is filled by employee and other is filled by employeer.

Important Note: Self-Employeed worker who intend to claim work injury rights must fill out form BL 283.

It is important to fill up all details of event, location of event, time and place of incident, employer details, details of medical services, details of victim and details of organs demaged as a result of work injury. These details have to be accurate to avoid any contradictions in future. The incident must be reported as soon as possible from the time of incident, so medical treatment is not delayed.

To fill Form 250 online click here. Or Download Form 250 for work injuries claim.

Beware: Incorrect and non-detailed reporting of injury incident may effect recognition of work injury or disability.

Important to Know: After filling up form 250, one can recieve medical treatment through health insurance fund, whether victim is a member of the health fund or not.

It is always important to fill form 250 for work injuries accuretely to avoid any inquiries or contradictions which might end on effecting recognition of work injury, recognition of disability or reciept of finiancial compensation.
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