Form 283 Social Security

Form 283 to request of providing medical treatment as a result of work injury (Self-Employed)

BL 283 form is intended for providing initial medical treatment for work injury to a self employeed worker. This form is intended to cover financial expenses required for medical treatment of injury cased by work accident.

To Download Self Employeed work injury form 283 click here

Important: Salaried employees are required to fill BL Form 250 in case of work injury.

It is important to fill up all details of event, location of event, time and place of incident, employer details, details of medical services, details of victim and details of organs demaged as a result of work injury. These details have to be accurate to avoid any contradictions in future. The incident must be reported as soon as possible from the time of incident, so medical treatment is not delayed.

Beware: Incorrect and non-detailed reporting of injury incident may affect recognition of work injury or disability.

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