What is Occupational Injury?

Occupational injury is an injury because of an accident at work, on the way to work, and in the circumstances as specified by law.

Work Accident is an accident during and as a result of work, including on the way to and from work, in circumstances specified by law.

An accident happened under following circumstances is considered as a work accident:

  1. On the way from the residence or from the place stayed to the work.
  2. From work to residence or to the place of stay
  3. from one place of work to another place of work
  4. During work at workplace while saving a body or property, or to prevent damage to a body or property
  5. During work, an injury caused by another person with an object located at the workplace, provided that victim had no part in causing the injury.
  6. For Insured employees, at the place where employee or workers dine during the break, dine place set at the discretion of the employer, and does not exceed 3 hours, also on the way from work, to dine place or back from dine place to work.
  7. To the insured employee, a member of the workers committee of place of work, as well as to the insured, a member of the workers committee, during performance of position and following the performance of position, also on their way to perform the position and their way back.
  8. For the insured employee – on his way from work or his residence to an examination place where he is examined according to the Apprenticeship Law or according to the Employment Service Law, or on his way back from the place of examination to his work or his residence.
  9. Assault, including sexual assault, during and as a result of work is considered as injury at work, if it causes physical or mental harm and victim requires medical treatment.
  10. Corona, as a result of exposure to a sick person at work are considered as injuries at work, but those who stayed in isolation will not be recognized.